Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yesterday I spent the day at home from work sick with something gross. It has floated around my office, and it floated into my path apparently. Not a respiratory illness, nope - something much more heinous. Yep, I'm talking a stomach bug. Disgusting.

I'm back at work today. But I'm not 100%. To make matters worse, I walked into my 10 a.m. staff meeting this morning with one woman's greeting of, "You're back? I heard you had a nasty stomach thing. Stay away from me." (Granted, this was also the woman who said that she thought I was already 30 on my 30th birthday. It's tough to catch her on a good day. I really don't work with a bunch of jerks. The rest are really great.) I do hate that everyone knows about my ailment, though. It's embarrassing - my boss has a big mouth.

Anyway, I spent the day at home yesterday and realized just how much we all miss out on TV while we're at work. There is so much - here are just a couple of highlights:

1. The View - holy moses. I just can't get enough. Seriously, I love it. The addition of Rosie and all her controversy - genius.
2. The Golden Girls is still on Lifetime - but they cheat us working stiffs by showing two episodes at 9 a.m. and two more at 4 p.m. We're at work - what the f? Don't they realize their target audience is the 20/30 something single working gals? (I include gay men in this group as well, naturally) I think it's an elaborate scheme by whoever's marketing the Girls' box set - trying to force me into buying it. I really want to own it, but I'm both too embarrassed to purchase it for myself or to suggest it to anyone as a gift hint.
3. VHI no longer has music programming on during the day. (Well, none that I saw any indication of.) It's pretty much all celebrity gossip shows all day long. Yesterday was non-stop 2006 year-end wrap up shows - perfect.
4. The Martha Stewart Show is great. Great, great, great. Sure, Martha's a bitch, but that's her thing - and you cannot hate her. You can't. She's a total bitch to her guests, makes condescending comments to audience members - doesn't matter, they love it, every single one of them. And so do I.
5. Soap operas are so ridiculous now that I actually like them. One word: Passions. Check it out.

There's a lot more - I saw a fantastic episode of COPS, a show that is on in the evenings, but I rarely catch it. All of this to say, if you start feeling the ol' flu bug setting it, take heart and try to see the silver lining: you've got some quality daytime TV in your future.