Friday, April 18, 2008

three times a lady

Just checking in. I don't have a real post today. I've been too obsessed with reading, watching and listening to the coverage - the CONSTANT coverage - of the FLDS bust up in Texas. Some people want to hear about the economy (apparently there's something wrong with it), some folks want to hear about Barack and Hils and all that jazz. Me? I want to hear about the FLDS - only that. Seriously, this story will never get old to me. Take me on another guided tour of a polygamist house with one of the zombie women, Larry King. Let me hear more about your take on it, Nancy Grace. Even you, Anderson Cooper, let me know what you've got on the story. Bill O'Reilly, I hate you so much, but right now I would also like to get your take on the whole thing.

Friday, April 04, 2008

a friday potpourri

Taking the lead from today's post on 2040 Worldview (and buckling under the pressure of its author's overwhelming demands that I post something new), this afternoon I will share some equally random thoughts. TGIF!

1. I'm starting to hate everything related to the race for president. The firestorm over Rev. Wright's controversial comments from the pulpit regarding the N-word, Hillary never being called the N-word, and the general fact that rich white people run the United States was ridiculous. While his presentation maybe could have used a little, uh, discretion, did he really say anything that wasn't true? Of all the things she has been called, Hillary hasn't ever been called the N-word. And of course the United States is run by rich white people. Was Obama totally ill-advised and naive if he really thought that his Rev's "direct" approach at the pulpit wasn't going to come up at some point and reflect negatively on his campaign? Absolutely. But I also recall John McCain (and countless other Republicans) hanging out with the now deceased, but eternally hateful Jerry Falwell back in the day in an effort to gain the approval of ultra-conservative evangelicals, and somehow that was alright. (FYI to all the evangelicals out there: John McCain's fortune belongs to his wife, and she got it from selling BEER.) So, yeah, Rev. Wright said some pretty racist things, and Jerry Falwell was a flaming homophobe who said terrible things all the time. I don't fault John McCain for that, nor do I fault Barack Obama for what his friend Reverend Wright said. Plus, I think we all know that the Rev's bit about Bill sticking it to the American people like he stuck it to Monica was hysterical.

2. And speaking of black comedians I enjoy, my favorite part of the Hillary/Bosnia debacle a couple of weeks ago was that Sinbad was a central character in the story. Hillary just made some shit up, and Sinbad called her out on it. Now if we could only find a way to get one of my personal favorites, Bernie Mac, in on the action. Bernie would totally straighten Hillary's ass out!

3. I got engaged a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the well wishes and interest of my friends and family, what I'm really enjoying most are the tips, queries and general thoughts from people I barely know.

Among my favorites, so far:
"Don't waste your money on a wedding cake. They're never good."

"You should take dance lessons so that you'll be a good dancer at your reception."

"I thought you were already married."

4. I just found out that this group is coming to Atlanta in July, and yes, I want to go.