Wednesday, June 20, 2007

she almost had my vote

I'm always happy when I see Bill Clinton on TV. I am also happy when I hear Journey. You can imagine how I felt when I saw Hillary Clinton's new TV spot. Bill walks into a diner (they were spoofing on The Sopranos, but that was lost on me), and Hillary is waiting for him in a booth. "Don't Stop Believing" is playing in the background.

I'll touch briefly on this, but I should share that I believe Steve Perry is the ultimate light-rock frontman. (I won't say he's the ultimate rock frontman, because we all know that's a three-way tie between Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, and David Lee Roth.) Having established this point, it goes without saying that I also hold Journey up as the ultimate light-rock band. Chicago, Air Supply, REO Speedwagon? No thanks. There's only room for one winner here.

I was especially excited because the Hillary presidential campaign has been pushing a "let's get the young people into it" stunt in recent weeks by asking folks to vote online for the new Clinton campaign theme song. Among the totally unappealing choices were two overused U2 songs and something awful by Shania Twain. But when I heard "Don't Stop Believing" at the start of the commercial, I thought - for one brief moment - that maybe, just maybe Hillary could be my next President afterall.

But I was wrong. It turns out some Celine Dion song won the vote, thereby losing my support entirely. I don't know if Barack Obama has considered a campaign song, but if he has, let me cast my vote right now for "Any Way You Want It."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

gifts of the internet

I am not someone who tires of email forwards - a dirty joke, a funny picture, a stupid video clip. Work has been a bit of a bear in recent weeks (thus my sad absence from this blog), and receiving gems like this - well, they make the day a little brighter. Enjoy.