Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Leave it to Bossy - I've been tagged.
(This really couldn't come at a better time. I've been in meetings all morning and would rather eat dirt than do work in these few minutes before lunch.)

6 weird things about me, in no particular order:

1. I have an oddly shaped head - there's this knot on the back of it, fortunately hidden by a lot of hair. When I was a kid I was convinced this was a tumor of some kind and got really upset about it. It took my mom an entire evening to convince me that it was, in fact, not a tumor - just a weird head.

2. I am often told I look like someone else, by both strangers and people who know me. They cover a very wide spectrum from Catherine Zeta-Jones (alright - my nephew was 6 when he said this after seeing her on the cover of a magazine - she has long dark hair, I have long dark hair - but whatever - I'll still claim it) to PJ Harvey. None of the people I'm told I resemble ever look like each other. All they have in common is dark hair, and they are women. Some are flattering, and some are quite unflattering. Among the latter would be Peg Bundy (from Married With Children - and not the actress who played her, I mean the character Peg Bundy - who actually had red hair, if memory serves), and Angelica Houston when she played Morticia in The Adams Family. (*you might also be interested in knowing that a former boss told me I looked like Morticia Adams.)

3. I know I've probably mentioned this previously, but lunch meats/cold cuts often repulse me. This doesn't mean I don't eat them - I love a good sandwich. But I cannot store cold cuts in my refrigerator at home. If I have them at home, I have to use them pretty much the day they're bought and then be done with it. I don't, however, get concerned about the age or condition of cold cuts in a place like Subway - which, obviously, would make more sense.

4. Until yesterday I thought Scientology and Church of Christ, Scientist were one in the same. This came up in a conversation at work, which is also weird.

5. I don't get into popular TV shows on my own, like 24 (NEVER seen an episode of that) or Grey's Anatomy (NEVER seen one of those either). And it's not that I don't like them - I just don't think about them. If I begin watching a show regularly with another person, and continue watching it with that person, I will stick with and get wrapped up in a TV show. But on my own, never. (Two exceptions to this are Sex and the City and Project Runway - I fell in love with those on my own.) Otherwise, if left to make television choices, I am always drawn, first and foremost, to anything related to real crimes (documentaries on A&E - if there's something on about a serial killer, I cannot change the channel) and anything related to oddities (ie: specials on The Learning Channel about people born with no legs, etc.)

6. I don't really like Chick-fil-a fries. Everything else on the menu - serve it up. But the fries, not a huge fan.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

product endorsement

Run to Whole Foods today and buy one of these. I had my first Cafe Sepia last week and cannot get enough. They are overpriced, so I'm trying to keep this obsession under control.

This little drink is delicious. I usually am not a big fan of the chilled coffee drinks - but boy, oh boy - I sure do love Cafe Sepia!

Seriouly. Go get one.