Thursday, October 16, 2008

sometimes older is better

Well friends, last night's debate pretty much sucked liked the first two in that watching it left me tired, angry and a little drunk. Basically it went down like this: McCain attacked Obama with something off-base and a little crazy, Obama shot it down in one or two sentences, McCain gnarled his teeth and scribbled out his frustration on his angry little notepad. Rinse and repeat. I really don't think John McCain's a totally bad guy, and I frankly felt a little sorry for him. I think his campaign has gotten so far out of his control, he's almost a bystander at this point.

Anyway, onto more important things. The finale of Project Runway was also last night, so I was flipping back and forth between the debate and Bravo. Spoiler alert: Leann won and I was thrilled. Obama and Leann - two cool heads, finding themselves in the midst of chaos, kept their focus and came out on top! Let's just hope this winning streak makes its way to November 4.
Before all of that, though, I had to hang around the museum for a dinner honoring some of our oldest donors - I counted two walkers and one wheelchair at my table. They are one of my favorite groups to be around, however, because I am always surprised by some of the things they will say. The highlight of the night was when the woman seated next to me asked if I would be watching the Project Runway finale later. I told her I would indeed and she said that she was leaving dinner early so that her driver could get her home in time. She was rooting for Kenley. I then asked if she was going to try to see any of the debate and she said no, she hates them both and she'll be dead soon anyway. The old ladies are always the wisest. God bless America.

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WV said...

McCain's odd behavior shouldn't go unscrutinized. It means something. And what is his maverickiness but simply a way of saying "doesn't work well with others?" His "angry little notepad" is a metaphor for his campaign.